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Counseling for Teens & Young Adults

Find a safe, supportive environment to process the unique challenges and struggles you face as a teen or young adult.

Teen and young adults face unique challenges and struggles. We specialize in working with teens and young adults to help them find hope, tools, and a safe place to process whatever they are facing. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, identity, peer or relationship struggles, or trauma we are here to help. Counseling can help you to feel more confident in yourself, find ways to deal with your emotions, and offer you guidance through difficulties you might be facing.

We are Out-of-Network with all major insurance providers. We will give you electronic superbills that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Some providers have easy electronic portals for submission.

Out-of-Network rates typically cover a smaller percentage of the session than In-Network, but some clients have excellent Out-of-Network coverage.

Often clients have large enough deductibles that they have to pay out of pocket regardless of if they find a counselor who is in- or out-of-network. Note that rates and deductibles for mental health coverage may also differ from your rates for other medical services. Contact your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

You may prefer the privacy of not having an official diagnosis that is shared with your insurance provider. You may also desire counseling for an issue that is not covered by your provider. Not being In-Network allows our counselors to take on fewer clients, focus more on personally knowing the clients that they see each week, and for us to more easily offer reduced rates for clients with financial need and extenuating circumstances.

Our first/intake session standard rate is $165 and subsequent sessions are $150 for individuals or $165 for family and couples sessions. If you have a specific financial need, please feel free to inquire.

Clients have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much their medical and mental health care will cost. Learn more here:

Our therapy sessions are generally 55 minutes long. You may attend weekly, every other week, or more or less depending on your degree of need and/or finances. How long you are in therapy is different for every person and largely up to you. Some people attend therapy for only a few months, some for a year, and others choose to receive counseling long term. Therapy often starts with addressing immediate issues, but can over time help you become aware of deeper rooted areas for healing.

We offer online video counseling to many of our clients. Online counseling can be useful for adults who can't find childcare for their kids, people living in areas with limited available counselors, teens and adults who feel more secure and comfortable talking from within their own home, individuals with limited availability during the week, and more. Research studies have shown that online counseling can be equally or surprising even at times more effective than in person counseling, however, much likely depends on an individual's unique preferences and comfort.

We offer Christian counseling to individuals who specifically request it, but we work with everyone regardless of their beliefs. Counselors are carefully trained not to impose their own beliefs and values on clients.

We support our client's decisions. We personally believe in a conservative approach towards the use of medication in therapy, but also believe it can be a useful and recommended tool in certain situations. Many medications have unpleasant or at times even worsening side effects, but medication is particularly useful in treating more intense and debilitating conditions. However, therapy may be better able to uncover and help address root issues and ultimately provide longer-term healing that isn't dependent on medication. We encourage clients to work with a psychiatrist when pursuing medication as a tool.

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